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I'm Tracey Gieson, a 4th grade teacher in Saudi Aramco Schools. This Wiki was created as the final project for my EDTECH 541 class at Boise State University. My hope is you, as an educator, will be able to use any of the lesson ideas or tools discussed in my Wiki. Feel free to use and pass on anything that may be helpful to your students! Thanks for visiting. ---Tracey

I am happy and rested
I wonder what it would be like to breathe under water
I hear the waves of the Gulf
I see endless sand and laughing children
I want a house on the water so I can see this everyday
I am happy and rested

I pretend we are on a boat
I feel scared when I'm alone
I touch the barnacles
I worry they may cut my fingers
I cry if someone is hurting
I am happy and rested

I understand we can't always get what we want
I say "things can get chaotic-- but we always figure it out!"
I dream about peace
I try to breathe and relax
I hope to one day find that perfect junonia shell with my son
I am happy and rested