Why Technology Integration?
Edutopia (2007) Why do we need technology integration?
Edutopia (2007) What is technology integration?

Roblyer, M. D., & Doering, A. H. (2010). Integrating educational technology into teaching (5th ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Acceptable Use Policies
Education World Walks through the parts of a proper Acceptable Use Policy

Wireless Networks
National Center for Technology in Education (2008) Wireless networks from the ground up.
SecurEdge Networks (2012) 3 requirements for mobility on k-12 school wireless networks.
SecurEdge Networks (2012) 7 tips for school wireless networks implementing BYOD.
SecurEdge Networks (2011) How much capacity does a wireless access point have?

Evaluating Instructional Software
Innovations Criteria Checklist is a checklist type evaluation.
Instructional Software Evaluation Checklist provides educators a quick way to evaluate software.
On-Line Educational Software Evaluation Form is a web-based form that teachers can fill out and immediately see if the software is valuable and useful.

Math and Science
My Personal Symbaloo Startpage has over 20 resources for math (for teachers and students alike.)
Fact Monster – Students can quiz themselves with online flashcards in +.-,x, and /.
FOSS – Our science curriculum website. Games, vocabulary, concepts and videos are found here for grades 3-6
Gizmos has a plethora of simulations for students to explore. Many concepts are covered in fun, colorful, engaging ways.

Spreadsheets and databases
Integrating Google Tools 4 Teachers --A wonderful resource list of ideas on the use of forms and spreadsheets in the classroom (and for administrators, too!)
LT Technologies, Inc - Spreadsheet Resources – This resource list on spreadsheets includes lesson ideas, standards, and tutorials.
Spreadsheet Activities – This is a resource list of many elementary level spreadsheet lesson ideas.
Database for Activities – This is a database from Australia of many primary level lessons, activities, and tutorials. I could definitely use this quick reference site to help me plan my lessons fast.

All disciplines
Brain POP (digital citizenship) - This video series on Brain POP is essential for digital citizenship. Complete with online quiz.
Wallwisher – Social networking meets sticky note brainstorming.
Bubbl.us This creative social networking tool can get students collaborating in a brainstorming type session, or organizing thoughts with color, or comparing and contrasting events.

Research help for students
Noodle Tools - Aids students in keeping track of sources they use for research and generating reference pages for papers.
Big 6 research model helps students get started and stay organized as they conduct their own research.
Zoho Notebook helps students get started and stay organized as they conduct their own research.

Creative productivity
Glogster – an engaging way to present a project. Video, images, audio, and a lot of student choice go into students’ presentations on Glogster.
VoiceThread Students create their own slideshows with audio. Others can comment orally or written.
ToonDoo – Students create their own cartoon form the ground up.
WPP Erb’s writing practice program. Tutorials and instant grading of writing keeps students engaged and learning.
Web Poster Wizard Students create their own projects and submit them online to their teachers. Teachers can archive projects in one place for students to view. Gifted and talented students can really let their creativity flow here and the fact that students can share each other’s posters is an added bonus!
Slide Rocket Not just your average PowerPoint!
AudioBoo – Students can record themselves and easily embed the audio into their own blogs or webpages.