Rainforest Activities

To introduce the rainforest biome, we will first think about what we already know about the biome and then reflect on what we’d like to find out.

Students will be shown Mrs. G’s Wallwisher wall on Rainforests. A sticky note has already been created for Mrs. G’s “Wonder.” Students will be invited to share their own “Wonders” on the wall. Later, we will group wonders that are alike or related. This will help us in our research later, to make sure we don’t have any repeats.


From Wallwisher, students will be grouped according to their wonders into 4 main groups to help answer 1 of the 4 questions on Mrs. Gieson’s Wiki:
  • How do people affect the rainforest?
  • How does the rainforest affect people?
  • What kinds of animals live there and do they have any special adaptations?
  • What kinds of plants live there and do they have any special adaptations?
Using the Big 6 research model, students will gather research and post responses to their question on the corresponding wiki pages. To keep students on track and on task there will be a rubric explaining what a good response looks like. Students will also be required to post responses to 3 other students from 3 different pages, not their own page. Essentially, this is the INFORMATION GATHERING stage, and students will use this information for the VoiceThread they will create later.


Students will upload photos or videos they find while conducting their research onto the class Flickr page. Students should also include resource information. These items may be used later in the VoiceThreads they will be creating later. Students can share and use each others' photos for the VT project.



Using information from the wiki, students will create a group VoiceThread presenting their findings. There will be 4 VoiceThreads, related to the 4 pages from the wiki, and each VoiceThread presentation will have students commenting individually to present their findings. Students will take care not to repeat information another student has already reported on. Students will also comment on 2 other VoiceThreads, giving constructive feedback and describing something they may have learned from watching the VoiceThread.


Students will create bubbles comparing and contrasting rainforests and tundras on Bubbl.us. Students should take care to use their first name inside the bubble so we know which bubble goes with which student!