We study The Human Body in the 4th grade science curriculum, with a special focus on the skeleton, muscles, and nutrition. This Glog is a compilation of resources to enhance the science curriculum through the "arts," -- art, music, PE/ health.

Learning Activity
Name: Tracey Gieson
Activity Title: Reflect on your diet!
Introduction: Students will explore the Glog “Your Body” and discuss in pairs what they see.
Content area and grade: Science 4th grade
  • The students will be able to explain why good nutrition is important.
  • The students will be able to create a menu.
Science as Inquiry Standards (from National Science Education Standards)
  • Understanding of scientific concepts.
  • An appreciation of "how we know" what we know in science.
  • Understanding of the nature of science.
  • Skills necessary to become independent inquirers about the natural world.
  • The dispositions to use the skills, abilities, and attitudes associated with science (p. 105).
Life Science Content Standards:
  1. Structure and function in living systems
  2. Personal health (p. 106)
Relative Advantage: Students will be able to make informed decisions about food they put into their bodies.
Learning activity:
  1. Explore the Glog in pairs. Discuss.
  2. Pay close attention to the “Nutrition” links and video.
  3. Students will discuss with their partners what they notice about good nutrition and write observations in their journals.
  4. Students will create their own menus for an entire day. The menu should include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 2 snacks, and any drinks. They will have the opportunity to be creative and make paper menus or create a menu using Publisher or other technology tool.
1. Students should view the PE/ Health resource links from the Glog poster.
2. Students may include-- as an addition to their menus-- the types of exercise they should do in a period of a week. This will be a display with directions on how to do each exercise, and duration.
Students will swap menus (and exercise plans if applicable) and discuss why the menu choices were considered good nutrition choices.

National Research Council. National Science Education Standards. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 1996.